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Transport - 39 items in 13 categories

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Skibuses Skibuses
- 9 items
Shuttle traffic Shuttle traffic
- 2 items
Byciclebuses Byciclebuses
- 4 items
Touristbuses Touristbuses
- 2 items
Parking Parking
- 6 items
Cableways Cableways
- 2 items
Taxi services Taxi services
- 7 items
Petrol stations Petrol stations
- 3 items
National borders National borders
- 4 items

Negotiability of the mountain roads in Jeseniky NEGOTIABILITY OF THE MOUNTAIN ROADS
Jeseník area - 19.4. 03:59
Road conditions dangerously acute - proceed with a heightened caution and be prepared for a worsen negotiability of some roads
Šumperk area - 1.4. 03:51
Road conditions normal
Bruntál area - 31.3. 18:46
Road conditions normal

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